International Relations and the European Union

SMITH Michael, HILL Christopher, VANHOONACKER Sophie

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The most comprehensive introduction to the EU's role in the international system, written by a team of international experts, and incorporating the study of the EU's world role into the wider field of international relations, this book is the key text for anyone wishing to understand the EU's external relations. Chapters on theories, institutions, policy areas, and the EU's relationship with selected countries make [International Relations and the European Union] the most comprehensive text available on this subject. Systematically incorporates the study of IR into an examination of the EU's external relations. A team of leading experts provide authoritative coverage of the many aspects of the EU's external relations. Each chapter includes helpful features such as boxes, useful websites, and suggested further reading to aid student learning. New to this edition A re-worked Part One examines three key frameworks for understanding the EU's role in the international system. In three new chapters, the EU is examined as sub-system of international relations, as a part of the process of international relations, and as a power in its own right. Fully updated to take account of contemporary issues including the Russia-Ukraine crisis, the migration and refugee crisis, and the UK's decision to leave the EU.

Table of contents

PART ONE: FRAMEWORKS 1: International Relations and the EU: Themes and Issues, Christopher Hill, Michael Smith, and Sophie Vanhoonacker 2: The EU as a system of IR, Sophie Vanhoonacker 3: The EU as part of the process of IR, Geoffrey Edwards 4: The EU as a Power, Filippo Andreatta PART TWO: INSTITUTIONS AND PROCESSES 5: Policy-making in EU external relations, Karolina Pomorska and Sophie Vanhoonacker 6: Coherence, Carmen Gebhard 7: The role of member states, Reuben Wong 8: Implementation: making the EU's international relations work, Michael E. Smith 9: Legitimacy and Democracy, Christopher Lord PART THREE: ACTIVITIES AND IMPACT 10: The EU as a Trade Power, Sophie Meunier and Kalypso Nicolaidis 11: The EU and the Global Political Economy, Amy Verdun 12: The Challenge of the Environment, Energy, and Climate Change, John Vogler 13: The EU and the Developing World, Maurizio Carbone 14: Enlargement, the Neighbouhood, and European Order, Karen Smith 15: The EU's Security and Defence Policy, Joylon Howorth 16: The External Dimension of the EU's Internal Security, Sarah Wolff 17: The EU and the United States, Michael Smith and Rebecca Steffenson 18: The EU and Emerging Powers, Stephan Keukeleire and Tom De Bruyn 19: The EU's Principles in World Politics, Helene Sjursen 20: Acting for Europe: The EU's Role in International Relations, Christopher Hill, Michael Smith and Sophie Vanhoonacker