The Trade Policy of the European Union

DE BIEVRE Dirk, GSTOHL Sieglinde

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This comprehensive and clearly written textbook offers a long-awaited introduction to the trade policy of the European Union, the world's largest trading entity. Gstöhl and De Bièvre provide a comprehensive assessment of the common commercial policy, its relationship with other policies, like development policy, and of the EU's multi-level policy-making and international bargaining in this area.

As well as providing a broad overview of the nature and development of the EU's trade policy, the authors analyse how relevant institutions and decision-making processes are organized and how this set-up fosters particular policy outcomes. Gstöhl and De Bièvre show how the thorough and critical study of EU trade policy can be conducted from an interdisciplinary viewpoint, enabling the student to tackle the ever-evolving political, economic, and legal questions that arise.

Given the accessible writing, this book is recommended for both undergraduate and Master's students studying the EU and Europe in their Politics, International Relations, Economics or Law degrees, as well as those focusing on international trade policy.

Table of contents

1. Introduction: Why Study EU Trade Policy
2. The Legal Development of the Common Commercial Policy
3. Actors and Processes in EU Trade Policy
4. The Political Economy of Trade Policy-Making in the EU
5. The European Union in the World Trade Organization
6. EU Trade and Development Policy
7. Challenges for EU Trade Policy
8. Conclusion: Future Prospects of EU Trade Policy.