Situational Judgement Test - For European institution competitions - Edition 2013

BIZEUR Jean-Luc, HETRU Emmanuel, MERCIER Claire

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  • Categories: Jugement Situationnel
  • Publisher: ORSEU
  • ISBN: 9782918796121
  • Publication Date: 21/11/2013
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Number of pages: 236
  • Language: English


This new, completely revised and extended edition is designed for all candidates taking European institution competitions who wish to prepare in the best possible way for the situational judgment test. The situational judgment test assesses the behaviour and decision-making capability of candidates in a working environment. It consists of 20 multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Each question describes a scenario based on a work situation and gives a set of 4 possible actions the candidates might take in response. The candidates must choose the action that they believe is the most effective AND the one they believe is the least effective. As with all admission tests, the situational judgment test is difficult. To be successful, the candidates must: - master the competencies required by EPSO; - be familiar with the values of European institutions; - be capable of sorting actions according to different criteria; - train themselves to take the test. This new book published by ORSEU will give the candidates every opportunity to be successful in the situational judgment test. It includes: - a detailed methodology illustrated by numerous examples; - 120 questions with detailed correction; - a score chart per competency. The questions in this book are similar to those set in the competitions run by EPSO since 2010. They are different from those in the previous edition and are designed for all categories of competition. Egalement disponible en français.